Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI)

Diversity Makes the World Go ‘Round

UCG supports its clients in transforming their talent landscapes by supplying them with fair and equitable processes for searches and placement. Our goal is to source talent from all backgrounds and experiences to provide our partners with people who can achieve their full potential while helping organizations thrive and increase productivity.

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Equitable Inclusion

UCG has internal resources to help our partners take a fresh look at the organization’s cultural practices in recruiting and talent management processes, in order to assess and interrupt systemic constructs that may be affecting retention and preventing positive growth. We do that by:

  • Applying inclusive design principles and assessments to help look at the organization from the point of view of underrepresented talent
  • Assessing pay bands and making recommendations to ensure pay equity
  • Objective assessment to help find the broadest mix of talent for your teams
  • Implementing inclusive DE&I recruitment processes by sourcing diverse candidates, objective assessment and effective onboarding
  • Designing inclusive career pathing for candidates
  • Analyzing and implementing inclusive succession and high potential employee identification practices
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The DE&I Journey

Organizations are facing increasingly complex challenges around diversity, equity and inclusion. Those challenges affect how we embrace technology in an ethical way, and how to meet customer, employee and industry demands to become more sustainable.

Properly managing DE&I unlocks the power of all your talent, enabling them to work together to solve the complex issues that affect productivity and profitability. Research has proven time and again that diverse and inclusive teams with people who feel a sense of belonging are more innovative, make better decisions and outperform their peers.
Ideally, inclusive behaviors become part of the entire talent management lifecycle and show up in key talent decisions, driving company growth. Leaders and employees who display inclusive values and leverage talent diversity see better decision-making and team performance.

The business impact of improving diversity, equity and inclusion is better performance of teams, individuals and organizations. DE&I organizations are:

  • 70% more likely to capture new markets
  • 36% more likely to outperform on profitability
  •  75% more likely to see ideas become productized and report 19% higher innovation revenue
  • 87% more likely to make better business decisions and see a noticeably positive impact of DE&I on their business performance
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Tips for Commitment to DE&I

  • Determine the most needed changes and get CEO mandate to enforce them
  • Establish and implement clear metrics and indicators of progress
  • Leverage technology to build DE&I into everything you do
  • Understand what is needed to retain talent
  • Identifying where employees’ advancement is inhibited in your organization
  • Review your talent practices to identify built-in biases
  • Uncover inequities in pay, talent acquisition and development, promotions and succession
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